6 Months Same As Cash


6 Months Same As Cash / No Payment
Make no payments and incur no interest for the next six months. The perfect choice for people who want to:
  • Make a single total investment, but not today!
  • Make six equal investments over the next six months and incur no finance charges.
  • Need some time to arrange a home equity loan and then switch over their monthly investments to ensure tax deductible interest.
  • After the six month time period passes, the interest rate is 17.9% retroactive to date of installation.
Example of 6 Months Same As Cash / No Payment at 17.9% APR :
Months one, two, three, four, five and six -- No payment required

Initial investment x Monthly interest = Total outstanding balance x Minimum payment = Min. monthly investment
      $6,000.00 x (1.09%) = $6.540.00 x (.02%) = $130.80
NOTE: Examples are for estimation and demonstration only. Terms are subject to change and should be verified when applying for financing.