3 Levels of Service (Heating)

3 Levels of Service for you to choose from on your Heating system!
Inspection for only $69 includes:
Inspect Safety Controls
Test for Carbon Monoxide
Inspect Gas Valve
Relight Pilot
Inspect Gas Piping
Perform Hydronic Test on Heat Exchanger
Inspect Electrical Connections
Check for Proper Operation
Inspect Ignition Control
Inspect Blower Assembly
Visually Inspect Duct System
Inspect Return Air for Restrictions
and Proper Size
Check Temperature Split
Wipe Down Exterior of Furnace
Inspect Thermostat
Inspect Flue Vent for Blockage
Use Drop Cloths and Shoe Covers
Stars and Stripes
Tune-up for $109 includes:
All of Liberty items plus...

Remove and Clean Burner Assembly
Clean Flame Sensor
Tighten Electrical Connections
Verify and Record Voltage and Amperage
Adjust/Calibrate Thermostat
Lubricate all Moving Parts (as needed)
Test Roll-out Safety Switch
Monitor Temperature Rise
Test High Temperature Safety/Shut
Off Control
Test Capacitors
Measure Fuel Pressure
Clean and/or Replace Filter
(not supplied by us)
Minor Blower Wheel Cleaning

System Rejuvenation for $376 includes:
All of Liberty/Stars and Stripes items plus...

Brush and Vacuum inside Heat Exchanger
Replace Batteries for Thermostat
Waterless Evaporator Coil Cleaner
Provide and Change Air Filter
Replace Old Wire Nuts Suspected of Rust or Age
Use Leak Detector for any Suspected
Gas Leaks
Seal Air Loss (near A-coil)
Seal Air Leaks Around Coil and Plenum
(where accessible)
Monitor Expansion Valve Operation
Pan treament
Merv 12 Filters
Major Blower Wheel Cleaning
Plus Full Air Conditioning Rejuvention Too!