Old vs new

Did you buy an Air Conditioning or Heating system from

American Air and Heating?


For over 20 years my parents owned and operated ARAC Inc. dba. American Air Heating Refrigeration. Unfortunately the demands of the HVAC-R trade has taken a toll on my Dad and Mom’s health which lead to some unknown expenses in their life. In March of 2012 they choose retirement, filed for bankruptcy protection and closed the company doors for good.


I did NOT take over the family business. I did NOT buy the family business. I returned from working in Orange County Ca. for three years, and my wife and I have started our own company. We did hire an attorney to contact the bankruptcy judge and request that we be able to buy the phone number, web site, some office equipment, some of the trucks/vans, and the maintenance agreement client list. Not the company itself. If we had purchased the company we would be able to say that we have been in business since 1991. We did not, my business started in April of 2012. If I had purchased their company or taken over the company from my parents I would have just kept the name the same and not changed a thing.


When we first began we attempted to start out as All American Air. Unfortunately, even with long discussions many folks still don’t quite understand that American Air is done and that we are a new company. Our company is a brand new entity and has absolutely nothing to do with my parents or their company. Since there is just too much confusion over the name we have changed it: American Dream Services Heating and Cooling.


I have also bought 3 other air conditioning companies phone numbers. I saw that the companies had gone out of business so I bought their phone numbers. I also did not buy any of those companies either. We just bought the phone numbers only. I can’t be responsible for the equipment they sold to clients in the past either.


Where does this leave your warranty status and the maintenances that you have already paid for?

First the good news, I did buy the maintenance agreement client list. In fact if American Air still owed you maintenance you already paid for I have agreed to do those for free even though I didn’t collect the money for it. If you purchased a new system with American Air and heating (and you have been maintaining the equipment) if a part fails we will check the warranty status for you and if the manufacture covers the warranty part we will replace that part for you and not charge you any labor to put it in. If the part is outside of the manufacture warranty and I have to buy the part I will promise to only have you pay my COST to install the part (I will even show you my invoice/proof of purchase). If you were to call any other company they will charge you full mark up and sell you the part. I’m not looking to make money on clients in this unfortunate situation but I do not want to lose money buying parts for systems my company did not sell.


Please keep in mind that if I had not purchased the phone number back in April you would have called the phone number and it would have been disconnected. I am truly sorry for the confusion, I’m just a family man myself with a wife and 2 beautiful little girls. I’m just trying to get my company off the ground and I want to provide you with the “Service of your Dreams”. It’s just as a SMALL startup company I can’t afford to pay for any other companies warranties.
God Bless,


RJ and Laura Allen

American Dream Services Heating and Cooling

“Providing the Service of your Dreams”