American Dream Services will take care of your Air Conditioning repair in Bakersfield CA.
"When I moved into my home last December, it was so cold in my house, I could see my breath. I called American, the service guy was out the very next morning, inspected my furnace, lit it and did it all with a smile."
~Happy Customer, Bakersfield, CA
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American Dream Services will take care of your AC repair in Shafter CA.

3 Levels of Service (Cooling)

3 Levels of Service for you to choose from on your Air Conditioning system!
Inspection for only $69 includes:
Inspect Safety Controls
Inspect Electrical Connections
Check for proper operation
Inspect Blower Assembly
Inspect Return Restriction
Visually Inspect Duct System
Read and Record Freon Level
Check Temperature Split
Check Condensate Drain
Check High and Low Pressure Switches
Visually Look For Oil or Signs of Leaks
Check equipment for proper support
Check unit for a time delay relay
Wipe down system

Use Drop Clothes and Shoe Covers

Stars and Stripes
Tune-up for $109 includes:
All of Liberty items plus...
Clean and wash the Condenser Coil
Tighten Electrical Connections
Verify Volts and Amps
Check energy consumption
Secure Fan Blade
Adjust/Calibrate Thermostat
Lubricate all moving parts (as needed)
Open and Flush out condensate Drain Line
Monitor Refrigerant Level
Test Contactor and Capacitors
Check Circuit Breaker and Connections
Confirm Proper Return Air size
Check line-set for Proper Insulation
Minor Blower Wheel Cleaning

System Rejuvenation for $376 includes:
All of Liberty/Stars and Stripes items plus...
Chemically Clean Condenser Coil (deeper clean)
Replace old wire nuts suspected of rust or age
Use leak detector for any suspected leaks
Use inspector camera to check evaporator coil
Replace batteries for thermostat
Seal Air Loss (near A-coil)
Seal Air Leaks Around Coil and Plenum
(where accessible)
Monitor Expansion Valve Operation
Straighten Bent Fins on Condenser Coil
Add Up to 2 lbs of Freon if needed!
Waterless Evaporator Coil Cleaner
Pan Treament
Major Blower Wheel Cleaning

Plus full heating rejuvention too!
Call American Dream Services for reliable AC repair in Bakersfield CA.
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Bakersfield, CA 93313
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