American Dream Services will take care of your Air Conditioning repair in Bakersfield CA.
"When I moved into my home last December, it was so cold in my house, I could see my breath. I called American, the service guy was out the very next morning, inspected my furnace, lit it and did it all with a smile."
~Happy Customer, Bakersfield, CA
Call American Dream Services for your Air Conditioner installation in Shafter CA at (661) 588-1776.
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American Dream Services is providing the service of your dreams in Bakersfield CA.
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American Dream Services will take care of your AC repair in Shafter CA.

Cheaper price


There is always someone who can do it

for a cheaper price.

Don’t fall into the trap of hiring a company that is able to offer a cheaper price because
they operate without a license, don’t ‘pull’ required permits, or don’t carry adequate
insurance. American Dream Services Heating and Cooling is a licensed contractor and obtains all municipal and
state permits as required. American Dream Services Heating and Cooling is insured for Workers Compensation and
for liability insurance.

Compliance with codes and adequate insurance is important to you for liability reasons.
If a worker is injured and the contractor is not insured, you can be held liable. Or, if there
 is an insurance claim due to a fire or an accident that is related to unlicensed work or work
for which no permit was obtained, your insurance company may dispute the claim. You also
want to avoid questions related to workmanship when you sell the house, which may end
up costing you more than the original repair to correct.

With American Dream Services Heating and Cooling, you have peace of mind knowing that you are not dealing with
a ‘fly-by-night’ company that can leave you ‘hung out to dry’.
The bottome line......Anyone can make something cheaper by cutting corners and pricing it
for less. So, it’s important to know what is and is not included in any heating and cooling
system you choose for your home. American promises you that you cannot find a license
contractor with drug free employees to provide you a comparable installation and with all our
written company warranties for less… or we’ll refund you the difference plus $250.00. All we
ask is the comparison is a published “apples to apples” comparison listing all company
warranties and indicating they are a drug free company. Your request must be in writing
within 14 days of the signing of this document or installation date, whichever is the earliest.
With your request you must include the original published comparison of the competitor
showing the “apples to apples” comparison.

Call American Dream Services for reliable AC repair in Bakersfield CA.
4609 New Horizon Blvd Suite 7.
Bakersfield, CA 93313
Lic #962999
American Dream Services is a member of the Comfort Institute of America in Bakersfield CA.
American Dream Services guarantees the technician seal of safety on every job in Shafter CA