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American Dream Services will take care of your AC repair in Shafter CA.

Good competition

Something to think about!

In this industry and in these trying economic times it may be tempting to find a "low price leader" or as we call them "fly by night" companies. The companies that got started simply by need...they either lost their job and began doing unlicensed work, or they took their contractors license test and now are in business for themselves.


These companies don't have overhead like other solid long standing companies that have office space, land, warehouses, a fleet of vehicles, medical benefits to their staff, and other things that takes money but ultimately benefit you the customer.


The laws on heating and air conditioning companies now have become very stringent. This is due to the fact that so many long standing companies were also not doing right by the customer. Therefore the government stepped in and gave us new regulations on Freon use and certifications required for this, new and stricter laws on permits, verification of duct leakage and refrigerant charge has become simply a fee we must pay for each installation.


This page is designed for you to just "think carefully" and do your research before using a company or individual that does not do the basic laws and standards.


Check the Contractor's license board for a good standing license, check with the local better business bureau, ask friends and neighbors, call the city or county and see if the company you are about to use has pulled permits in the past.


Right now there are some great incentives to buy a new heating and air conditioning system.


You have the Federal Tax Credit which goes up to $1500.

There is the State Cash for appliance rebate that can reach up to $1300.


However if the company you choose does not assist you the customer with the paperwork or provide proof and documentation that they have proper recycled the can cost you a lot of money.


So before you choose A, B, C, Heating and Air because they had the cheapest bid. Consider some of these local air conditioning companies that we consider "good" competition. I was once told that....Good people don't mind being watched...those that don't like to be held accountable probably have their reasons. I also believe there is nothing...nothing wrong with having "good competition" out there.


So if you don't choose American Air and Heating try:


Air Co

Econo Air Conditioning and Heating

All Climate Air Conditioning and Heating

Laverne and Sons Air Conditioning, Heating, and Electrical

Hillcrest Heating and Air Conditioning

Gundlach's Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning

Stockdale Air Conditioning and Heating

Oasis Air Conditioning and Heating

One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning

Bland Air Conditioning and Heating

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